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Building Quantity Estimation Software
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BUILD-QUANT has a new concept of reading CAD based Architectural and RCC Plan Drawings directly to work out the quantities. Dimensions of beams, slabs, walls are read from the drawings. RCC Design schedules of beams, slabs, columns and footings are read to get the sizes and rebar steel details. Lengths of bars are calculated by program itself. It generates quantities of Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, Door/Window, Concrete, Formwork and Steel.


BUILD-QUANT software provides you an easy and quick way of estimating quantities involved in Building Construction. To describe in short, what you need is only an Architectural Plan Drawing prepared with CAD software and few structural details in the form of RCC Plan Drawing and Design Schedules for beams, slabs, columns and footings. Providing additional information of Doors and Windows will give more precise quantities. From this data BUILD-QUANT gives you the quantities of Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, Concrete, Reinforcement Steel (with diameter wise break-up), separately for each floor.

The main objective of BUILD-QUANT Software is to workout the quantities directly from the working drawings. Although it does not cover all the items of Building construction, the (Cost wise) major items are available, whose information can be easily read from the drawings. The items like electrical, plumbing, kitchen platform etc. are not covered. The software is a handy tool for quick estimation of quantities for tender works and also for the detail checking of contractor's bills.

Many a times the dimensions taken at site and written in the measurement sheet for working out quantities, are not crosschecked. Since this software is reading the working drawings directly, it will prove to be very useful in checking the bill of quantities at office level.


Since BUILD-QUANT reads the drawings prepared with CAD software, few norms are required to be followed while preparing these drawings.

Wall lines in Architectural Plan are drawn with basic LINE command. Separate layers are used for different types of walls and plasters. The Door & Window marking text (D1, D2 etc.) is put close to the wall lines and their sizes are given in a schedule. These actually are not any special norms, but usually followed by most of the Architects.

For Architectural Plan Click Here.

Beams in RCC Plan are also drawn as double lines with LINE command. Beam marking Text (B1, B2 etc.) is drawn near to these beam lines. Cross lines are drawn between slab corners to mark the extent of slabs. Slab Spanning and Slab marking Text is drawn near to the intersections of these cross lines. Column numbers are also put with TEXT command.

For RCC Plan Click Here.
Reinforcement details for beams, slabs, columns and footings are entered in Schedule Form, with in-built user-friendly editor. To make your job easy, the editor also shows the typical reinforcement sketches alongside.

From the input you feed, BUILD-QUANT starts its Herculean task of working out Quantities.

Firstly it reads the Wall Lines from Architectural Drawing. From the User specified range of minimum and maximum wall thickness, it converts the double line drawing into single line. Of course each single line is drawn exactly at centers of walls of different thickness. BUILD-QUANT then meticulously numbers these wall lines serially and calculates their lengths. It now deducts the door / window areas from wall quantities and prints them in report. Similarly the Plaster quantities are worked out and added in the report. Thus the program works out the quantities, without user being required to enter the dimension in conventional L-B-D format. Program works out the quantities of different types of floorings, as well as skirting and dado areas.

For Schematic Single Line Plan Click Here.

Similar to the walls the double lines of Beams are converted to single lines and each line is given a serial number. The length of the single line is the length of beam. Beam size and number of bars are read from schedule. Thus beam Concrete and Steel quantities are worked out.

For Detail Design Schedule Click Here.

Slab area is calculated automatically from end points of cross lines. Design schedule gives information about thickness and reinforcement details. The concrete and steel of slabs is also worked out. Column and Footing quantities are calculated from the schedules directly.

Finally program gives the diameter wise summary of steel quantity. In the final Summary it not only gives the floor wise quantities, but also works out the cumulative quantities for the entire project.

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