BAR-BE-QUE:    Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimation
BAR-BE-QUE software an easy and quick way of preparing Bar Bending Scedule with to-the-scale bar sketches. Preparation of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedules for RCC work at construction sites is the most tedious and time-consuming task. The shape of each and every bar is to be derived exactly for cutting, from the RCC detail drawings. With increasing cost of steel, it has become necessary to minimize the wastage. BAR-BE-QUE software takes care of all these aspects. It generates Bar Bending Schedule Drawings as per IS 2502 & BS 8666 codes with Diameters wise break up of Steel Quantities.

Single User Version
Single user version software comes on CD with 1 No. USB Hardware Dongle. CD can be installed on multiple computers, but software programs will run only when USB Dongle is connected to computer.

Multi User LAN Version
Multi User LAN Version software comes on CD with 1 No. LAN Hardware Dongle. LAN Hardware Dongle shall be connected on any computer under Local Area Network (LAN). Number of computers from which Software programs can be run in that LAN, depends on the No. of User Licenses purchased. Multi User LAN Version comes with 3 user, 5 user or 10 user Licenses.

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