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 INSTALLATION :: Frequently Asked Questions

 IN-FQ-01. How do I install Bar-Be-Que?
 IN-FQ-02. How do I connect Hardware Lock?
 IN-FQ-03. How do I Register Active-X Components?
 IN-FQ-04. How do I install MS-Access DAO / Jet Engine?
 IN-FQ-05. How do I install Driver for Windows 2000 / XP Machine?
 IN-FQ-06. How do I run the Software?
 IN-FQ-07. What are settings required for Windows 7 OR VISTA O.S?


 INSTALLATION :: Trouble Shooting

 IN-TR-01. Message displayed 'Lock Not Installed'.
 IN-TR-02. Message displayed 'Unknown Error'.
 IN-TR-03. Message displayed 'Debug Assertion Failed'.
 IN-TR-04. Message displayed 'Unable to Initialize DAO / Jet Engine'..
 IN-TR-05. Message displayed 'Failed to create Empty Document'.
 IN-TR-06. Main Menu Screen doesn't appear.
IN-TR-07. Message displayed 'Error during the Move Data Processes 115'
IN-TR-08. Message displayed 'Error 623' 
IN-TR-09. Message displayed 'Cannot run 16 bit Application'



IN-FQ-01. How do I Install Bar-Be-Que?
Answer:The CD contains complete Software in a folder with name Bar-Be-Que. Place Software CD in CD Drive.Run SETUP Program from Bar-Be-Que folder to start Installation and follow instructions displayed. Formulator module will also get installed with Bar-Be-Que.


Enter your Company Name properly when asked for. It will be printed on top of all outputs. Installation program will ask for the Product Sr.No,enter this number the same way as it is written on the software CD.


By default software is installed in "Ensoft Bar-Be-Que" subfolder in "Program Files" folder of your C drive. Although you can change the name of this folder you are advised not to do so. The program files are copied in the Bar-Be-Que subfolder. Formulator files are copied in the Formulator subfolder.


Installation Program will create a "Ensoft Bar-Be-Que" subfolder in "Program" menu of "Start" button. Ensoft Bar-Be-Que icon will be created on Desktop.

IN-FQ-02. How do I connect Hardware Lock?
Installing BLUE COLOUR USB Lock Driver :- If you have received a USB Lock with Blue Colour , then Insert Software CD into drive & connect USB Lock in USB Port

  • A Dialog Box will display “Found New Hardware Wizard”.
  • Message displayed in the dialog box is "Can windows connect to windows update to search for software upgrade ?"
  • "Select "No not this time".
  • Next Dialog box asks, “What do you want the wizard to do? ” Select "Install Software Automatically".Wait for a while. Press "Finish" to complete the installation.
  • If Windows can not locate USB Lock Driver files Automatically then,select "I Will choose the Driver to Install" option instead of Install Automatically. Press "Next".
  • Press "Have Disk" button and Browse to the location of USBDrivers folder in Software CD. Point to the SentrUsb.INF file and Press "Open" and "OK" to continue.
  • Press "NEXT". Press "FINISH" to complete installation.
  • If this procedure does not work, check if driver is already present.
  • Goto Controlpanel -> SYSTEM -> Hardware ->Device Manager From the List check whether "Hardware Lock" item is present and has a Sentry USB Lock entry with Question Mark. Right Click with mouse and uninstall the Sentry Lock.
  • Repeat procedure from beginning to Reinstall USB Drivers.

Installing WHITE Colour USB Lock Driver : - Insert the Software CD into the CD-ROM drive. Connect the USB Lock in the USB port

  • Wait for a while. A message will be displayed, "Found New Hardware" “Your Hardware is installed and Ready For Use”.
  • Click on the program from desktop icon, It will start running.
  • If “Lock not installed” or “Unknown error” message appears, install the drivers as below.
  • From START button Go to Setting > CONTROL PANEL Select SYSTEMS > Hardware > Device Manager
  • Check at the list and count USB Interface devices to whether the USB lock is detected.
  • Double Click at + Human Interface Devices.
  • It will display a list of USB Human Interface Devices
  • Right click with mouse on each USB Human Interface Devices entry, With Properties option under General Tab,Check which entry is for Location : Sentry HID Lock.
    Go to Driver Tab and select UPDATE DRIVERS option.
  • A Dialog Box will be displayed “Welcome to Hardware Update Wizard”. Select "No not this time". And Press next. A Dialog Box appears.
  • Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and press Next.
  • Select HIDDrivers Folder from Software CD location in Browse and Press Next. Then Click to Finish. Click on the Software program icon from desktop, It will start running.

Installing Parallel Port Lock Driver: - If you have received a Parallel Port Lock with the software, then look for a marking on end as COMPUTER. This end shall be attached at backside of your computer,on Parallel Port

  • Run Install Parallel Port Lock Driver from BarBeQue icon on the Desktop to install the Driver. Alternatively
  • Goto C:\Program Files\Ensoft\BarBeQue\ folder and double click on DrvInstall.exe program to install the Driver.

IN-FQ-03. How do I Register Activex Component?
Answer: Build-Master comes with three Active-X Components namely EnGrid21.Ocx, EnEdit21.Ocx and Cfx32.Ocx specially designed for getting the data from the user easily. These files are to be registered under Windows (with RegSVR32.exe program of windows). Bar-Be-Que installation program will register the components automatically. In case the installation program fails to register these components a separate option Register Active-X Components is provided under 'Utilities' menu of main program. Run this option to register these components.

IN-FQ-04. How do I Install MS-Access Dao / Jet Engine?

Answer: Bar-Be-Que stores the data files in Microsoft Access/ Office'97 format. Microsoft Access module of Office'97/ Office2000 must be installed on your computer. While installing MS-Office 2000 it asks 'Whether you want the backward compatibility for MS-Access datafiles'. When this option is asked for it is to be selected as Yes.


Microsoft Access stores the Dao/Jet engine files in folder
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Dao.
If this folder is absent or Dao is not compatible with Bar-Be-Que you need to install MS Access DAO / Jet Engine.


Bar-Be-Que CD contains a folder with name DaoInstall, which contains the installation program for the DAO/ Jet db Engine. If any one of the above messages appear on the screen then run the SETUP program from the Disk1 subfolder of the DaoInstall folder and follow the instructions displayed by the Installation program. This will install the Dao/jet engine properly on your computer.

IN-FQ-05. How do I Install Driver for Windows 2000/XP Machine?
Answer: DrvInstall.exe program is provided alongwith to install the drivers required make Bar-Be-Que run on computers with Windows 2000 / XP machine. To run this program start Windows Explorer and go to the folder where Build-Master Software is installed. By default the program is installed in C:\Program Files\Ensoft BarBeQue\Bin folder. From the list of program files displayed, double click on file DrvInstall.exe. The Sentry driver Installation dialogue box will appear on the screen. Now click on the Install button. 'Successfully Installed Sentrymsp.vxd' message will then appear on the Screen.


Installation of Bar-Be-Que is now complete.



IN-FQ-06. How do I run the Software?
Answer : From Start button of Window'95/'98 or 2000/XP,

  • Select Programs menu and choose Ensoft BarBeQue option. This will display a submenu.
  • Select Information option for reading the information regarding the software.
  • Select BarBeQue for running the BarBeQue software.

IN-FQ-07.What are settings required for Windows 7 OR VISTA O.S?


From START button Go to Setting > Control Panel
Select Security Centre > Other Setting option
User account control to be turn OFF.




From START button Go to Setting > CONTROL PANEL > User account >
turn user account control off>
Uncheck checkbox for "use account control to protect Computer"


Shut Down & Restart Vista O.S.
Start Running the Program.




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